We provide courses to develop our sensivity and knowledge for to learn to taste wines.
Since entry level or intermediate and advanced level we teach to any person who has interest in to the wine world, by learning professional method of taste, any type of wine and wine regions at the hole world.

It’s recommended for to enthusiastic people about wine world in order to recognize the main difference between the wines, how to choose them and even basic lessons to paired with food. Also it can attend any person who likes to reach a good level of taste, with guided practice by our experimented teachers.

Professionals can compare and share their opinion getting a good feedback about the market and extend their knowledge at the huge wine world.

Our teachers are recognized and reputated professionals into the different areas of tasting wines as journalist, judgement or even as international awarded sommelier at the highest hospitality in the best awarded restaurants and resorts hotels by the Michelin guide.

The academic profile of our professional teachers is been backed by:

– Centre of Tourism from Valencia, certificated sumiller
– Association of Federation of Taste in Spain
– Organized association of sumiller in Valencia
– International Wine and Spirits Studies Trust (WSET), with Advanced
Diploma 3rd Entry level and Diploma in Spirits and liquors 4th entry level, previous exam to Master of Wine course by a member of European Jurée of Taste, which sponsor our specialist in Burgundy, German Riesling areas.

We can organize events outdoors of our class room by negotiating the program and taste for to the private dinners, organizations or public dates.

Our main class program is been organized by strict order of registration, fixing date and time once is been complete the minimum attendants, and choose English class tutor.

Any inquiry or application you must to address to:


+34 649 491 562 – Whatsapp + 34 649 491 562